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Do you offer DF meals?

While Beehive Meals does not currently offer a full Dairy-Free (DF) menu, our Gluten-Free (GF) menu has been designed to be 50% DF allowing customers to easily double up to create a DF menu. If interested in this menu variation, please contact our Cu

Do you share recipes?

Beehive Meals does not share any recipes as they are considered intellectual property of the company.

Do you guys take EBT?

Beehive Meals does not accept EBT or SNAP payments.

How do I redeem my points?

Loyalty Members are able to earn points and exclusive rewards. To redeem, log into your customer account at and select the award you wish to redeem. Once you have selected your reward, you will be given a unique discount code that ca

I have a gift card. How do I apply it to my order?

Gift cards are applied during the checkout process under the field box title ‘discount code or gift card’. Simply enter your gift card number and hit ‘Apply’ to use your gift card. Please contact our Customer Service team via email, chat, or phone if

When will you have next month’s menu?

We release the next month’s menu on the 15th of each month. The current month’s menu can be found on our ‘Current Menu’ page as well as in the description of each available delivery date.

What are the prices?

Beehive Meals can be purchased as a monthly subscription or as a one-time order. Benefits of subscription include a 10% discount off of one-time order pricing plus free shipping. Subscription Pricing (10% Discount). Smaller Portions - $170.10 ($4.25/

What is the best way to remove the meals from the vacuum sealed bag when the meal is still frozen?

Try running the packaging under cool water for a few minutes until the ingredients start to break up. If you have a round crockpot or pressure cooker it will allow for the ingredients to fit smoothly.

What size of Slow Cooker (Crockpot) do I need?

The size of your crockpot can affect the outcome of your meal. If your crockpot is smaller than what we recommend, you may need to cook your meal a little longer. If it’s larger than what we recommend you may need to shorten the cooking time. You wil

Do you have a vegetarian option?

Beehive Meals does not offer a vegetarian menu.

Is the bacon in my meal precooked?

The bacon used in our meals is precooked.

Are your meals ready to eat?

Beehive Meals uses all raw ingredients and the meals are designed to be cooked in your slow cooker or Instant Pot. Simply follow the instructions provided on each label.

Do you have a list of the ingredients for your meals?

We list all our meals on our “Our Meals” page where you can also view the different servings suggestions. Click on this link to view our Our Meals page.

How do I update my payment information for my account?

To update your payment information, you can request a new link to confirm or change your credit card details by logging into your account. Or, simply contact us, and we will provide you with the necessary link to update your payment method.