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When am I getting my subscription?Updated 11 days ago

Delivery dates are organized by area (county, city, or region) on dedicated days to ensure food safety through efficient delivery routes. This means that our delivery drivers will only be in certain locations a few times each month.

Your initial subscription and one-time order will be delivered on your selected delivery date (ie. June 3rd).

For monthly subscription customers, delivery dates are anchored to weekdays, instead of calendar days, throughout the month (ie. 1st Tuesday, 3rd Thursday, etc.) based on when your subscription order started.

As an example, if your initial delivery is scheduled for Monday, January 1st, your ongoing monthly deliveries will be delivered on the ‘1st Monday of Every Month’ going forward even though calendar dates may change; ie. February 5th, March 4th, April 1st, etc. (all of which fall on the first Monday of the month). 

On rare occasions, delivery dates may need to be changed or updated (ie. bad weather, delivery purchased for the wrong day, etc). If this happens, our delivery team will reach out as soon as possible.

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