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Do you have a question about deliveries? When do we deliver? Or how do deliveries work? You can find all that information on here.

What should I expect on delivery day?

Your first delivery day can be any exciting experience! Our delivery team understands that there may be questions on how everything works so they’ve created a full page outlining the day. Please find it here:  What to Expect on Your First Delivery

When will I receive my delivery?

Delivery dates are organized by area (county, city, or region) on dedicated days to ensure food safety through efficient delivery routes. This means that our delivery drivers will only be in certain locations a few times each month. Your initial subs

What do I do with the delivery bags?

The insulated delivery bags are yours to keep and use as you’d like. We just ask that you don’t immediately throw them away as we do offer a ReUse/Recycle Program. The bags can be extremely useful in your everyday use, so much so we create a blog pos

I haven’t received my order, but it is marked fulfilled?

There is no need to worry if your order status is marked as fulfilled before your expected delivery date as it simply means your order has been added to a delivery route. Our delivery team often prepares routes early causing statuses to be updated. I

Do you ship?

Beehive Meals does not ship. All deliveries are handled through our own refrigerated delivery vans to ensure the freezer meals arrive safely at a customer’s doorstep. While there are national meal delivery services that have proven food can be delive